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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rhonda and Milan Wedding | Utah Wedding Photographer

You know, when you make a connection with someone, being part of something special in their lives effects you that much more. Remember Rhonda and Milan? Remember how lucky I was to take part in his surprise proposal? They got married recently, and I was honored to get to take part in a small part of their day. I was driving to the Logan Temple and the skies were amazing. A storm was threatening, but hadn't yet broken, and the clouds were brushed across the sky so incredibly, that I couldn't help reflecting on life, and love, and how we ALL have a story. Plus, I was so excited to photograph this incredible sky for Rhonda and Milan. But wouldn't you know that as soon as I took the Logan exit, the clouds released their fury and we wound up having rain (good luck, I hear) for their grand exit from the Temple. And although our Temple time was fast and furious (and soaking!), I still think we were able to capture some wonderful memories for this strong, beautiful couple.

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Kelli Bramble said...

Aww, they are so cute! Love these pictures, especially the 4th to last B&W's gorgeous!