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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Amber | Utah Maternity Photographer

First, if you are interested in my casting calls, I'm still looking for a maternity, an interesting couple or three sisters, and a child with curly hair. Please email me at joannataylorphotography at gmail dot com if you are interested in a complimentary session and fit into one of these categories.

Next, I'm booking a few more sessions in August and then into September and October. If you are interested in fall family portraits, please schedule now!

Okay, so I might just say that I ADORE photographing pregnant women. I know not every photographer does, so maybe I'm weird. :P But I can't deny, I find the pregnant form such a beautiful thing. The creation of life is a miracle. A woman is pregnant so few times in her life, and the changes she goes through physically and emotionally are astounding. I know, I've had four babies of my own. So when I get the opportunity to photograph a pregnant woman, I feel such a sense of satisfaction. And when they are beautiful as Amber, well, it makes things even more fun. But you know, not every pregnant woman feels attractive. In fact, even Amber struggles with feeling "too big" (clearly she is not). And some women are self-conscious about having their photos taken when they are pregnant because they worry about how big they are, or the extra weight they've put on, or stretch marks, etc.
But I want to say that those things don't matter!
They really, truly don't. Because pregnancy is such a limited miracle you get to experience, it's a wonderful thing to be able to capture it. (Besides, I can get rid of stretch marks and tuck that extra fat in just a little if needs-be). I always find it fascinating to see images of my mom when she carried me. What she looked like at the time. I'm guessing your own posterity will feel the same. It's one of those natural curiosities of life (where did I come from, etc.?)

If you are interested in scheduling a maternity session, contact me! Not all sessions have to be in studio, or even in 'wraps' like some of these. But we did have fun with Amber's session and she was totally beautiful and willing to do whatever!


Kelli Bramble said...

WOW, she is such a stunning model! Gorgeous light, love the wraps, love your maternity work Joanna!

Ellen said...

Simply gorgeous mom-to-be, and I love all the variety- beautiful maternity work!

Lora said...

These are great. I love the last two.

Cami and Dustin said...

Oh my heck, she's tiny. And soooo gorgeous, great job Joanna!