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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Casting Calls

First I want to thank you for the kind words so many of you offered from yesterday's post. It just shows me that I am on my right path and that even though I've felt sometimes out of sorts, I have been putting my mark on your hearts already. Thank you!

And now for some casting calls!!

Let me preface this by saying that these are all for me (yep, I'm being greedy for a minute). I am building a new website and working on putting out work that will reflect my heart more. So first, if you'd like to apply, you MUST agree for me to use them publicly (on my website, blog, marketing, etc.). Second, we'll talk more details, but you must be willing to comply with my vision for the session (this may mean outfits or locations). Now even though this is all for me, I hope you'll get something out of it too. A beautiful piece of artwork or two that touches your heart.

Now, here is what I am currently looking for:

-twin newborns (in the first two weeks of life). If you are expecting twins, contact me. This will be held most likely in your home.

-three sisters, age range 10-25

-Child with lots of curly hair, boy or girl, age range 5-7

-A single parent with his/her child(ren)

-A couple with interesting faces/interesting style/confident and unafraid to get emotional and work it.

-A group of really good friends (up to six) with a STORY. Tell me your story.

-A fit pregnant lady (i.e. a dancer or yogi) must be comfortable with your body, willing to maybe do a little hiking to get to some good locations, nothing too strenuous.

How do you enter? Email me a picture and which category you would like to participate in. My email is joannataylorphotography at gmail dot com . Tell me about yourself. Unfortunately I will not be able to provide sessions for all that apply, but I will be selective depending on the look I'm looking to show in my portfolio. But I certainly encourage you to apply if you are interested. I'll discuss all details with those that are chosen.

Last of all, here is a sneak peek of a recent Beloved Session


Ashley Hawkes said...

Joanna, my husband and I have been doing our own beloved sessions and I am so very happy to find that you are doing it as well. It is truly an honor and a humbling experience and I know it is going to make an impact! Good work!
Dave and I would be interested in modeling for a session if you need us:) Take care!

Mandi said...

Well dang it if I can't figure out how to fit in one of those categories!! ;)

p.s. I still want a beloved session. Sigh. What's your July like?

Amber Forman said...

YOU SHOULD DO CKALMMM!!! Caitlin, Keshia, Amber, Lindsey, Mallory, Maci and Mollie!! For the friends category of course!! Think of how awesome that'll be! 6 smokin babes with a pretty awesome story or what we've all stood by each other through!!

We just have to wait until I'm not prego anymore!

Joanna Taylor said...

Each of you have been emailed or Facebooked. Also feel free to pass this along to anyone you think might fit in one of these categories. Thanks girls!

Cami and Dustin said...
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Cami and Dustin said...

I LOOOOVE that picture of Heather and her fiance! And you should totally do CKALMMM, those girls are the cutest! And I have a friend who is going to have identical twin boys in a couple months, I've actually been meaning to ask you if you wanted to photograph twins. I'll give you her name!

Jessica Dixon said...

I am pregnant with twins! :) A boy and a girl. I am 34 weeks so they could be born anytime now. Let me know if you still wanted to photograph newborn twins