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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

BW Fun

So while my kitchen is being refinished, my kids and I have been locked up in the basement. It's been so snowy outside that we haven't been able to go out a lot (I still get worried about Sophie spending too much time out in the cold), so we've had to find our own stuff to do downstairs. Today I got out the camera and we had some fun playing around. Davis has found this interest in me taking pictures of not only him, but things he finds interesting: toys, crackers, his fingers, etc. I've gotten such a kick out of him lately. Sophie has no idea what I'm doing, but will scream to see my pictures on my LCD screen over and over again. It's quite the feat being stuck down here with these two:) So, since Davis actually took a nap today and Sophie is being relatively self-sufficient playing with the Knex on the floor next to me, I decided to have processing these in black and white. I just love them.

Sorry if you're getting an overload of US. I am looking forward to booking some spring sessions soon. On that note, I'm going to be having some great promotions for my first sessions of spring, so STAY TUNED!!!

And, of course, since I love music, I have to promote what I've been listening to today. Check out Annie Brooks here. How is it possibly fair to be this talented??? I wish I was a musician. I pretend sometimes, but I know it's in my imaginary happy place.

I love her kissy face here. How can anyone be so cute?

To me, this one is such a Sophie....her hair in her eyes and cuddling with mom.

Monday, January 28, 2008


Been listening to these mellow tunes as I've been surfing the web today. I discovered them recently and they're fab.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


First, a small gripe...I love my computer I got a few months ago (mostly), but this LCD screen is outa control. Seriously, I don't know how many times my settings have been changed my one of my kids, my husband, or even myself, but I only just realized today that something was off on my settings and apparently everything had A LOT more RED than I was seeing on my screen. So, if you're looking at my pictures and they have lots of orange or red, I'm sorry. I'm about ready to go back to my other monitor--at least it's reliable.

Okay, so here are my friend's doggies. Cute little guys, huh??

Love my little girl, even if she OOF (out of focus) in this one.

I processed this before today, but see...some extra pink here...but still such a sweetie.

On of B and S.

It was my nephew's bday this weekend and we had a family celebration.

And Davis decided he liked the presents too:)

And just a storyboard I threw together of D. I love Sophie's room because she has windows on two walls so you get multidirectional lighting, so when they were in jumping on her bed the other day, I ran in to get some fun pictures...well D was hamming it up and was giving me many faces. It was hilarious...I threw a few of them on this.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Playin' around

Today I went over to a friend's house that is learning about photography and we were working on focus with her camera...we took some pictures of each other and, boy, was it scary seeing our faces so up close on her computer screen. I mean, I'm 28 and I already am getting lines around my eyes, my mouth, my eyebrows. I thought this wasn't supposed to happen until I was older, much older, I still feel so young sometimes. I know, I know, everyone goes through this as they age, right? Still...I came home and decided I wanted to try and take some "better" photos of myself in some flattering light. Oh...and I was playing around with my post-processing...tinted one of these for fun.

Monday, January 14, 2008


I was playing around with my camera today and the series I got of my baby just blew me away...not because they're particularly amazing, but because I'm amazed at how big she is getting. It breaks my heart, and yet it's the most joyful thing to watch my kids grow bigger and older and more capable of life.

I also realized that it was a year ago that I got my first DSLR and started really learning how to take better pictures by choosing my own settings and not just playing with angles, was last January. Lol. Time just flies. And now another camera to learn'll be seeing lots more of my kids while I practice (until things get a little busier anyway:).

And I'm listening to this today: Ingrid Michaelson It's beautiful might have heard her on an Old Navy commercial or on Grey's Anatomy.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

More wedding

Wanted to share some more of the wedding I've been working on proofing...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Word of 2008

I'm copying my friend that picked a word for 2008 that she wants to inspire her throughout the year. (Hey, she copied too, so I don't feel so bad:) My word for 2008 is:


Home means so many things to me. Home is my family. It's a place to feel safe, love, and peace. I want my home to be all these things to my kids. So my focus this year will be creating that home for my kids. Home in me, home in each other.

And a quote about home that I think emulates my idea better:

"The most important work you and I will ever do will be within the walls of our own homes. "
Harold B. Lee (1899 - 1973)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Snow White

I get to do some really fun things with this job, but never did I think I'd be taking pictures of Snow White!!! A client of mine from this summer actually does Snow White Princess Parties (how cool is that?) and wanted me to take some updated pictures of her. Doesn't she look amazing? I can't wait til my little girl is big enough to appreciate Snow White...she will definately be making an appearance at a birthday party in a couple of years!!! And, for any of you interested in booking her for your own children or grandchildren, here is a link to her blog where you can contact her.

Friday, January 4, 2008

A series

Spent a few minutes *trying* to photography my what I got even though he wouldn't give me much eye contact.