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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

cookies & puzzles & cuties...oh my!

I'm one of "those people" that tries to eat relatively healthy. I like vegetables quite a bit, so it doesn't hurt. My kids usually eat what I feed them, so that helps too. I try to watch the ingredient list on all the products I buy and I usually shy away from preservatives, artificial sweeteners, etc. if I can help it. I use healthy cooking oil and attempt to have well-balanced meals in my home. I enjoy the taste of healthy cooking (for the most part) and have found ways to snack healthy. I don't like to workout, but I keep trying (my hubby on the other hand is a total maniac when it comes to exercise).

All my efforts, however, go out the window when the girls in the brown outfits knock on my door to sell me cookies. I ALWAYS cave. And this year, I went crazier than usual. But who can blame me?? My cookies arrived at my door this week and I'm (we) on my 4th box. and life is GOOD.

Last night my oldest and I started working on this:

I do love puzzles, and it's been a while since we've gotten one out.
Last of all, while my baby was taking her nap today, I played around with my camera and my little fella for a minute.

this one I was goofing off with post processing again...trying something new.


The Vintage Sister Studio said...

I personally think Thin Mints are made by the devil!
Lovely are very talented.

Haylee said...

Those little girl scouts are evil! i caved too! and i like puzzles but i never get to do them :(

Joanna Taylor said...

thanks for the comments girls! I'm going to have to check out your etsy too:)

Anonymous said...

oh, so cute! :D So which GS cookie is your favorite??

Joanna Taylor said...

Thanks Jen! Samoas are my favorites, but we have to also get thin mints and tag-a-longs...I do actually stop myself there (but the multiple boxes of each of the other cookies is what's killing me:)