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Monday, March 31, 2008

Top 5...#1

In keeping with my promise to let you know me better....

My Top 5 List of things I like to do (other than photography)

1. Dance. In another life I'd be a dancer. I love music that makes you move. I love going to dance concerts, and oddly my legs kind of twitch when I do, because I just want to get up and dance too. I will often turn on music and just dance with the kids--they love it, and we laugh a lot. One of our favorite CDs to dance to is Jackson 5.

2. Read. I've loved to read as long as I can remember. I love curling up on the couch with a book, or staying up late just to read. The last book I finished was Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. Apparently there is a website, you can look it over here. It was a delightful book.

3. Watch movies. I used to go to movies all the time, and then I had children, and now I rarely go. We rent movies more often now, but there is nothing like going to the theatre and smelling (and eating) that yummy, greasy popcorn. mmmmm. I love independent films and films that make you think about the world.

4. Date night. We don't get out on date nights nearly as often as we should, but there is something so (maybe even more) magical about date night since having kids...I get to get all dressed up and get away and remember who I am, and pamper our relationship. I love date night, even if it's just going to a park and walking and talking.

5. Eating. I love me some good food. Again, I don't get to go out to eat nearly as often any more, which makes eating out even more special, but I love making good food at home too. My husband even cooks alongside me sometimes, which is so fun to do together. We like trying new recipes. And, some of our favorite places to eat out are: Sundance Tree Room (my TOP pick--I go for the peppered steak), Z Tejas (My fav: the stuffed poblano with pumpkin seeds, chicken and raisins...mmmm, and it's a little spicy too, even better), Curry in a Hurry (yea! They opened a location even closer to home--anything on the menu), Bambara Restaurant (everything is good, but I had salmon last time, yum!), JoyLuck (always good everything), and Pace's (a burger joint).

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Cami said...

Hey Jo, I like that you're going to tell more about yourself. I think I might copy your top 5 thing every once in a while. And I'm glad you have a working cell phone again, I had no idea all that was going on. One more thing- those newborn shots are beautiful! :]