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Friday, April 18, 2008


I know so many of you have missed my website and have asked when it will be back up. I'm excited to say that after some creative kinks, I've finally gotten some things squared away and should be getting my site up and running in the next few weeks!

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Joanna! I saw the pics you took of Jodie's kids. They are beautiful. I had no idea that you did photography. This is your calling, you are really really wonderful. I had such a good time going through your blog and seeing all these gorgeous pictures. Your kids are big and so cute. I didn't know you had a daughter. Good for you! Where are you living now? Now that I know you do photography I am totally going to have you do my christmas pictures for me this year. It is a must! It was funny to see that you had a link to Haylee Bean photography. That girl is my friend's sister. She also does such wonderful pictures. It was really good to see some of you, you look absolutely gorgeous with your hair all long, it has been so long since I saw you; actually you were pregnant with Davis the last time I saw you. Good to see you doing well. check out my blog and see my babies sometime.