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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Today started out early. Jason and I have decided to do P90X . Yes, we laughed this morning this it is probably the first infomercial product that we've ever purchased. We got it in the mail last week and started the program on Monday. I am so sore already, I can't even begin to tell you! Today we worked on shoulders and arms and did a power ab program. It's an intense program and not for pansies. I need something like this to get my butt in gear (literally ;). I'm really excited about this and wonder how babe-a-licious I'm going to be when it's all said and done. Ha! Ha!!

Anyway, here are some pictures I took of my aunt and uncle for their 30th anniversary and some of some more of my family from when they came up to visit with my grandmother. The first is my brother just younger than me. My dad and my uncle (go Dad!!).
My sweet grandmother

And Steve and Cindy--my two favorites of our mini session. It was so good to see you guys!!


Cami said...

First of all, you already are babe-a-licious!!! But good for you for doing this. And I love ALL of these pictures! That one of Spence is really great!

Alexa said...

I LOVE those shots of Grandmother Allison and Tim's parents! You're so great, Joanna! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Whoo-hooo! :) Great pictures!! These are fun! :)