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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

So many new things!

This great family wanted to go somewhere special to them for their pictures. When she mentioned the place I had to go up and look to make sure we could do it and to see what the lighting would be like. I was blown away with how gorgeous it was, and could hardly wait to take their pictures! BUT, it was a little darker and even though I'm a natural light girl, I've been thinking about branching out lately--this provided the opportunity for me to play with some flash! I was nervous about using the flash, but I'd been reading a playing around for a little bit, and hoped it would come together for me...well, there wasn't enough contrast in the lighting for my flash to pick up the signal off camera, and since I didn't have a pocket wizard, I had to mount the flash on the camera and bounce it off of the surrounding trees. But, I'm happy with how they turned out for never having used flash before!

It was a great session and this family was just wonderful to spend some time with. The two kids reminded me so much of my own spunky and fun! They loved climbing the rocks. I had to tease dad to get him to smile, but we snuck one or two in for you "K"!

In addition, I got myself a new SPEEDY computer, complete with an LCD screen that looks SOOOO Different from my last monster monitor. I've tried my best to calibrate, but if these look really off, please let me know!

And last of all is a big announcement that I am going to start offering print packages. I am really excited about this. Almost all of my customers have asked about packages, and I've listened! I'll be sharing them soon!

Seriously, I just can't stand how gorgeous this place was! Check it out!

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