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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Can't help myself

I was processing this order today and realized I hadn't posted these. I am so in love with them, so I hope you enjoy the pictures as much.


Jennifer said...

I lvoe that first shot, nice location and the textures in the background are great! What a sweet couple!

Angie Nadauld said...

You are amazing! I am so sad you are moving, I haven't had a chance to get to know you very well. I know you have lived here for a couple of years, and I have lived here for 4 years, but it takes me a while to break out of my shell!

Your work is amazing! I am so excited for my family portrait session with you!

Joanna Taylor said...

Ah! Thanks ladies!

I'm looking forward to our session, Angie!

Cami said...

Joanna- these ARE great! I love them and can't wait to have them in my hands! Thanks again!