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Friday, August 24, 2007

Christmas Cards!!!

Too early to start thinking about Christmas, you say? No way! Photographers start thinking about their holiday season well before the season actually comes. I was attempting making my own cards, but then I found these being sold by someone on a photography board, and I just had to have them. They are so cute and there is so much variety in the collection. Can you tell how excited I am about them? :)

I wanted to give you all a little peak into what you can expect. Okay, so really this is a very LIMITED sneak peek, but I just HAD to share anyway. I have two sets of cards to offer my clients this year. The first is called "Elegant" and the second is "Fashion" ... hopefully a little something to suit everyone. I love both and will have a hard time deciding what to do for my own cards this year!

These cards will be offered in either a flat print or as a folded card. I can't wait to show you more, but for now, you'll have to enjoy these two:





So all of you need to start thinking about getting your Holiday pictures done soon! Check back-I will be posting some GREAT deals for Holiday sessions!!!
Now I hope you are excited too!!

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Jennifer said...

oh I love your christmas greeting cards!!! So cool!