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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One Proud Mama

I'm such a proud mama right now. My oldest, who is 11, has been asking me to teach him how to take pictures for some time now. Of course I'm not the best mama, so I keep putting him off. Finally, a couple of months ago, I decided to give him my old Pentax camera to learn on. But...I never actually gave him the camera (sigh), because I'm not always good at doing things right away. It's a problem, I know.

Well, I owed my son a "date." In fact, it too was long overdue (do you see a pattern here I might fix?). I had promised him I'd take him to get ice cream during the weekend, when I realized it was the same weekend as the senior shootout. Rather than put him (or it) off, I decided it would be an ideal time for him to come hang out with me and play around with his camera.

So I put the camera on P mode, but I forgot to check the ISO, and it was still on 3200 from the last time I used it (oh boy). Still, the kiddo, who amazes me all the time, got some really amazing pictures. My two favorites are pictured below.

He asked me if I'd hire him to second shoot weddings with me. I told him to keep this up, and he'll need to hire me.

Thanks to everyone for letting him tag along, and to the models who were so sweet to him.


Kelli Bramble said...

Wow, he did SUCH a great job! I would be totally proud of that first shot..nice angle and composition. Love it!! Maybe I can be his 3rd shooter in a few years? :)

sandylandonphoto said...

Kudos to him!!! And you for being such a great teacher and mom. He did amazing!!!!!

Katie said...

Wow! Way to go Brendan!!! Those are awesome!

Mary Denton Taylor said...

You totally ROCKED it Brendan!!! I'm very impressed! And what a smart and funny kid, too! He did awesome for hanging out with a bunch of old ladies (k - speaking for myself here).