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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Brandie and Conley | Utah Engagements

We got snowed out. That's right. Snowed out. Thumbs way down to that since I had SO. MUCH. MORE planned for this engagement session. But we still got some fun stuff to work with and I'm excited to get to shoot ANOTHER set of engagements in the spring. Brandie and Conley are so happy (really, he told me, "I'm just so happy") and I could tell that he was. And why wouldn't you be if you were marrying Brandie? She is absolutely beautiful inside and out. So without further ado, push play on the video (and then pause) and while it's buffering check out some of the images...then don't forget to come back and watch the video. It's adorable.

If you have a session or wedding that has not been blogged from 2009, I will be playing catch up over the next couple of weeks!

And don't forget to refer those holiday engagements my way! If they reserve their date in the next four weeks they'll get an awesome gift, and it gets YOU an awesome gift too!

Conley & Brandie - Engagements from Aub Howell on Vimeo.

Brandie, you are GORGEOUS.

Did you remember to go watch that video from the fabulous Aubrey?

Utah Engagements


Brooke said...

What a darling couple! Love the snow fight. nice work Joanna!!

Aubrey H said...

I'll say it again...I LOVE all these photos!

mnwphotography said...

Joanna, these are adorable! Conley and his way cute fiance... they do look very happy indeed!

Megan Garrison said...

Love the snow fight! Beautiful set :)

Meredith Rowlen said...

They are SOOOO Cute!!