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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Utah Wedding Photographer | Bridals

Starting my business has had its ups and downs. I have met some really incredible people, and have even found many new friends. I get to experience a part of people's lives in both small and large ways. I've witnessed babies being born, and triumph over obstacles I could never fathom. What I do has been invaluable to me in the life lessons I've learned alone. I've had to learn to be both a business person and an artist, and I continue to learn how to be better at both. However, there is still a part of what I do that is PURE enjoyment for me. In experiencing so many different facets to this business I have learned that I really LOVE photographing newborns and brides/weddings. I still quite enjoy the other aspects, but these are the ones that just make me SO happy. I love the miracle and spirit a newborn brings and I LOVE the happiness and beauty of a new bride.

I got the opportunity to shoot two brides in one session. This is one of the sisters. It was a challenge to photograph two brides at once. But, both girls are completely different. Heather, pictured below, was all smiles and laughter and just such a hoot. She's not very girly-girly (like her sister), but had fun dressing up and getting her bridal shots. And doesn't every girl deserve to feel beautiful? She had such a bright spirit that beamed through and I'm really looking forward to photographing her wedding in a couple of weeks!

And Mom wanted just a couple of them together, so here's a quick peek.

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Pete and Mare said...

Beautiful! :)

Kelli Bramble said...

What a beautiful bride! Love the 3rd one down.