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Monday, August 18, 2008

Top of the Mountain

I wanted to share a few more...Holly found this gorgeous location for us to shoot at. She was very specific about what she wanted, and she set out to find it, and found exactly what she was looking for. The field was just gorgeous with wildflowers all over. But you know, I've never shot near the top of a mountain before and the lighting is so (so so so) much harder! I realized it would be, but just having the experience really made me appreciate so much more the photographers that shoot up here or in mid-day harsh sun, because that's what we got! But, check out the awesome rock...worth it, right?
And this is what the little ones thought of it (below):

And another wall template for ideas (click on the picture for a larger view)...


Kelli said...

joanna, these are gorgeous! And if lighting on that mountain was so so so so hard, then you are so so so so good! That first family shot is awesome.

Join me on the hot tamale train, would ya?

granola girl said...

Wow, amazing! Those views! The "Dream" song below is breathtaking. Loved it.

Joanna Taylor said...

Aww, thanks Kelli! You flatter me:)

And Jen, I just want that song to follow me around for the rest of my life (is that so hard to ask? ;) I love it.