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Friday, August 8, 2008


I love my boys to death! When I was pregnant with Sophia I said I would have been just as happy with a boy, and it was the truth. When we found out we were having a girl, I almost didn't believe it. But she was born a girl! And it has been such an interesting adventure. She is fascinating to watch. There is something so innocent and gentle about her, yet other parts of her are curious and ferocious. She fights like one of the boys, and tells me "that's cute!" when we see go shopping. Every dress she sees/wears is a thrilling new "della" (Cinderella). She loves pink and purple and green too. She loves getting dirty too. She just turned two and I'm curious to see what she'll become this year in her life--she is carefree, yet concerned; loving, yet fierce. Her laugh is the best sound I've ever heard, and her hugs the best I've ever had. She is amazing to me in every single way and I can't adore her enough.
Just some snapshots that I love of her.


juggernate said...

Wow, what a beautiful girl. I love that middle one with the great rim/back lighting. Is that in a mirror at a sink?

Joanna Taylor said...

You betcha bro!! That light was just gorgeous, so don't mind the water splatters on the mirror (or maybe that was my drool. tee hee hee), I couldn't help myself.


Girls are an entirely different ball game aren't they. What a little beauty!!!

Joanna Taylor said...

Lol, Tina. Yes they are!!! They so are!!!