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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kristine and Jeremy Wedding

This weekend I got to photograph Kristine and Jeremy's wedding at the East Canyon Resort. It was a beautiful evening, and the ceremony took place just after the sun set on the mountainside. The surroundings were beautiful, and the love of family and friends was thick in the air. The decorations were just exquisite and PINK was everywhere. Here's just a quick sneak peek for you Kristine, to tide you over until I get the rest done!

Kristine really wanted to do some of my veil shots with the sun behind her, but since the sun was down we improvised and triggered an off-camera flash. I actually really love the feel of it.
Again, the sun was down and I had to drag my shutter to get the jumping shots...they are a bit blurry, but I love that about them. I love all the different expressions and fun that the wedding party was having with these. The funnest part was trying to convince Jeremy that he should jump for his life.

I've wanted to try this shot for so long, and since i had an extra flash available, I went for it. I love how it turned out!


Hilllary Howland Photography said...

I think you did some really fun stuff especially with the sun being down. Way cool flash stuff. I love the emotion in 6 I love it!!

Kelli said...

These are great! Love your creative use of the flash. That last shot is Gorgeous!

Kristine Thiessens-Hansen said...

Joanna your amazing!!! I could not imagine having a better photographer! You made this such a wonderful experience, I love the pictures!

Mark, Holly and Boys said...

I just had to comment on this post...I love the picture with the veil, and that last one too. Beautiful work, as always :)

Joanna Taylor said...

Ah!! Thanks friends! You are all the greatest!

Heather said...

what in the world!?? I need you to teach me how to use my flash more creatively!! That is awesome!:)