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Friday, March 28, 2008


My phone said: insert smart chip
I said: it's already inserted
it said: insert smart chip
So I decided I needed to bring out the big guns. 'Das right. I called customer service.

Would you believe that scared the phone into actually reading the smart chip? While on HOLD waiting for customer service to pick up?...aahhh, so now you can call me!
I used to write. A lot. And I realized that over the years I've tried to become more and more concise and to the point in business. This doesn't leave you a lot of room to get to actually know me. So, for whatever it's worth, I've decided I'm going to share a little more insight into me on this blog. I've been thinking of doing some "Top 5" lists every so often, or quotes, or just how I view things. Hopefully I won't bore you too much:)
I love photographing newborns. I think newborns are one of my favorite subjects to shoot. I love how innocent and sweet they are. I love the way they look, smell, and curl up into themselves. I love how flexible their hands and feet and legs are, and how they naturally fall into positions I think would probably just hurt me now;) There is something so inspiring to me when photographing them. And, aren't I lucky? I got to go and help a friend on a newborn shoot yesterday. Here are some of the images I took:


Hilllary Howland Photography said...

These are precious. I love the one with the mom. Aren't newborns the best! They can't run away from you!!

Jennifer said...

aww, these are so sweet and precious, beautiful!