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Monday, March 25, 2013


We all grow, don't we? Sometimes it's just part of life, sometimes it feels good and exciting, and sometimes growth just plain hurts.

I've been through all phases of growth in my life, and I imagine I am not out of the refining fire yet. Growth will continue to come in ways I cannot foresee. You see, growth is inevitable. But you know this, because you've grown too.

You've learned that life sometimes is about learning how to play the game.

A couple of years ago, I decided to close my business. I absolutely adored what I did, I fell in love with so many of you/my clients (whom I would have easily called my friends), and I loved the practice of creating and yes, growing. Running a photography business was not always easy, but I can honestly say I didn't hate it. I learned a lot each year. I learned a lot about business, finance, best practices. I learned a lot about other people, love, and heartache. I watched, listened, and learned as you shared your stories of growth with me. I took them into my heart, and held them there. And I grew too. I learned more about what I liked, what I didn't like, and more about my authentic nature.

I closed my business because after having my last child; life was simply too chaotic with a small baby, three other kids (who happen to need a lot of help and attention in life), a husband that worked long hours, and running a business. It was more than I chose to bear. I had to pick my priorities, and of course family came first.

But families grow, and babies grow, and I, of course, continue to grow. My little one turns four next month. Four! How is that possible?

Oh, the cycles of life. He goes to pre-school in the fall, and I find myself wondering what on Earth am I going to do with myself? I get bored way too easily. I've been considering starting things back up very slowly, but don't really know if it's the right time. There are so many facets to consider in this decision. I've been in the market before, I know the ugly game. I question if I have it in me to get in the game again?

Either way, photography calls my name, and I hope you'll enjoy as I share my continued growth, and my journey forward. I'm looking into a few changes around here, and it will take some time.

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Holly said...

I would include myself in your list of clients who surely consider you a friend also. Thank you for being there to capture some of our growing moments over the years. I can hardly believe that it was 5 1/2 years ago (before I breached my 30's!)that you photographed my pregnant self...and all the things that followed (birth, baby pics, older brother, fireman loving boy, princesses, extended family, our friends' adoption, etc). I look at all of those photos often and fondly, and am so grateful we had you to trust to capture them so beautifully.