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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mandi and Jeff | Beloved

I know it's been a while since I've blogged. I can only apologize! It's been so busy around here lately, which has been good, but I've had to take some things off my plate to keep up. Blogging has been one of those things. I do hope you'll forgive and enjoy the post today!

I knew Mandi way back when....when I was a high school-er. Oh boy! The bad memories she must have of me. We had friends in the same circles, we had some classes together, and we probably even belonged to a couple of the same clubs (NHS..anyone?)...still, we never really hung out. We reconnected through Facebook and I've gotten to know her much better through that and her blog. Oh. My. Word. I wish we would have hung out. She is hilarious. And talented. And beautiful. And she totally inspires me.

Mandi really values beauty and people and laughter, and Jeff. They have a happy, wonderful marriage and they really wanted to capture some great images that they could hand down to their children and grandchildren as they grow old. They wanted them to understand how truly happy they are together. And how much they mean to each other. She told me that in the last ten years they only have one semi-good picture of them together and they really wanted just ONE that they could cherish. I think we got a few more than that for them. What do you think?


Mandi said...


thanks again a bunch for doing this for us. We are both so glad we finally got smart and had our pictures taken. You are the best, and I mean that as a photographer but also as just simply being good with people.

I've decided to redo our picture wall and replace them with new canvas art. I just need to decide which one of these I'm going to pick to go in the center. :)

Thanks again.

Kelli Bramble said...

These are so are awesome at capturing the love and spark between two people. Love them!!

Diane {Palmyra, PA Photographer} said...

so pretty, and adore their smiles. you can tell there's some awesome chemistry between them!

Danielle Neil Photography (Gahanna Ohio) said...

Worth the wait - these are great images!