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Friday, August 20, 2010

Brandie and Conley | Wedding | Utah wedding photographer

Brandie and Conley's wedding day was perfect. The weather was gorgeous, and they were completely surrounded by family and friends that were so happy to celebrate this new event. I always find it so inspiring to be included in somebody's wedding, even when I'm just photographing it, but I've known Conley since he was a small SMALL boy. It's been so neat getting to see what an incredible man he's become and I am so happy that he found such a beautiful, kind-hearted woman to share his life with. Congrats you two!

And, I realize that I'm REALLY bad at blogging weddings. I'm going to try and get to all of them in the coming weeks.'s one of my weaknesses (no time!).


Danni said...

Love it! You did an awesome job of capturing it all...but this comes as no surprise. ;)

Aubrey H said...

They are all beautiful! You captured some great moments!!

Brooke said...

Darling! Great work Joanna.. this bride is stunning!