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Friday, June 26, 2009

Life | Utah Photographer

As happy as I am, sometimes life just happens, and it leaves you scratching your head and wondering what comes next. I tend to deal with stress in a pretty reasonable manner, but sometimes it gets to me. I am human, after all. Some days get to be a bit much and I just have to get outside, out of my rut. Yesterday was one of those days. By dinner-time I'd just had it (and I hadn't even made dinner yet). The baby hasn't been feeling well, potty-training has completely gotten lost in Lulu's transition to the new baby, the boys were running around like absolute maniacs, and we're dealing with a few other big things at home right now that are a bit of a challenge as well. I think we ALL needed a break. So while the boys got busy together, I took Lulu outside and we ate popsicles together. And we giggled and played. And I felt better after taking the breather. It's amazing what just taking a little time out can do!

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Kelli Bramble said...

How does she look so grown up all of a sudden? Beautiful!!