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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Family | Utah Family Photographer

I had a lot of fun with this family, and so many more I wanted to show here. Windy is one of my oldest friends. It's been so fun reconnecting and seeing each other's family grow. We started our photo session at the Salt Lake City library, which was so fitting because Windy is an aspiring author and has been writing as far back as I can remember. I've been lucky enough to read some of her more recent work and I'm so impressed. She has grown tremendously and I just know she is going to be successful with her book(s) that she is working on. She has such an amazing voice and style in her writing and it just draws you in. After we spent some time at the library we finished up at the Peace Gardens. Her family is just gorgeous and her girls were so adorable to capture together. And I can't forget Scott, her amazing husband, who has such a great sense of humor and was so good to let me do whatever I wanted for pics. He loves photography too, and I'm guessing we'll be seeing some of his work popping up very soon!


WindyA said...

Yay! You rock. I love that pic of the kids and their faces.

Kelli Bramble said...

What a beautiful family! These are gorgeous, Joanna!