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Monday, March 9, 2009

News! Glorious news!!

I know, I know (hanging head in shame), you thought the day would never come. It's been a year! I've been promising and teasing for so long! I might even be dubbed the one who cried wolf. I do deserve that.

And as kind and patient as you've been, I know you've noticed...I've heard you say it.

But, my loyal viewers, get ready to pump your fists in the air, because I have some HUGE news!

At long last, my website is UP AND RUNNING. That's right.

(click here to view!)

It's got a whole new look and I'm so excited. It's okay, you can get excited too. And, I want you to share the news!!! Just to prove it,

I am giving away 2 free sessions.

That's right, 1 free session fee to two separate people, and I'll even throw in 30% off digital collections, or 20% off al-a-carte purchases.

How do you get this free session? Well, it's easy. Here are the rules of the contest:

Publish a BLOG entry on your blog with a link to MY blog or website, say something great about me (I'm sure you can find something) and email me the link (email: joannataylorphotography at gmail dot com). The session must be held by the end of May. I will randomly draw two names for the free sessions.

The contest will be open for one week, so get on top of this right away!

While you are it, pick up my button on the sidebar and add it to your blog! I've got a great referral program in place!

And since I know you love to see the pics:



Kelli said...

Yay Joanna! It looks SO good, congrats!

Cami and Dustin said...

It does look really good! And what a cute picture you put on this post! Hehe

Alexa said...

It looks FABULOUS! I love seeing your talent/business progress!

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Oohhhh!!! I wish we lived closer so I could enter and maybe have you take pix of the grand babies OR hmmm...Sara's missionary is due back next month. : )
You'll have to follow me back to see the flower fairies I created from photos of my two little cupcakes. I'm sure your little princess would make an adorable fairy too. : )
LOVE, love, love the pix of Miles. How did you stand it?