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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Free Session Giveaway!

It's contest day!!! Thanks to all that entered. If your name was not picked, but you entered, please contact me for a great consolation prize ;)

I assigned each person a number (the first person to enter was #1, and so on), and used to generate a random number. The number generated corresponded to the assigned number, and that is how I got the results for my two winners!

Each winner gets a free session fee plus fabulous discounts!!!

The winners are:



Contest winners, please contact me to set up your sessions!! I'm so looking forward to meeting you both!


tina said...

I'm SOOO excited!!!

Chelsy Hansen said...

Ive been trying to get into your website so I can look at pics I might like for you to do for me and it comes up unavailable. So you might wanna check that out. Im so excited to look at your work!

Joanna Taylor said...

Thanks Chelsy, it's all fixed!