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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love...

I love this man.
I love his soul.
I love his eyes and his smile and his hands.

He consistently demonstrates what it means to work harder, to be better. He does this in so many private ways and never asks to be recognized. It's just who he is.

He does the right thing because it's the right thing. He doesn't complain about it, or feel bad about it. He doesn't brag about it. He just does it.

He knows what works for him and what doesn't, and he goes after what works for him.

He takes advice to heart and works to improve himself physically, mentally, and spiritually.

He is smart. Really smart. And he doesn't realize how brilliant he is. But I see it, and so do others that surround him.

He loves so deeply and so fully. I know this because of the little things he does: After a long day of work, he still manages to rub my back or my head or my feet every night, because he knows how much I like it. And, he puts the kids to bed every night--they have a special routine and he enjoys it as much as they do. He takes time to talk to them and to listen to them. He serves others without hesitation. He'll call his grandma just to see how she is. He'll call my parents just to say hi. He'll do anything I ask of him without asking why.

I love this man because he inspires me to be better.
Every day.


Cami and Dustin said...

He is SUCH a good guy. Dustin puts Miles to bed every night too! They love their routine as well. I like the pictures you took of him.

Amber DeVaney said...

I haven't had the opportunity to get to know Jason very well, but from the times I have been around him he has always seemed to be an amazing and genuine person! You're very lucky Joanna, as is he. You are both extraordinary people!

Joanna Taylor said...

Thanks Cami and Amber!

Kelli said...

You're so sweet. Awesome pictures!