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Friday, February 13, 2009

I love...

Window light. As a photographer, something related to photography has to make me fall in love, right? Ah, yes. And window light it is. I imagine you've heard me say this more than once, but it is true. I love the versatility I can achieve with it. For example, the following picture was taken just using window light, as was this one here. Depending on the length of the rays coming through the window I can achieve a totally different feeling from one picture to the next.

So today I caught S running around in her swimsuit, her hair pulled back, and a milk mustache on her lip. My mommy heart fell in love with her and I jumped for joy when she said I could take her picture. We immediately ran over to the bay window in the kitchen and I put her on the chair. I didn't think I was going to post about her today (in fact, I had a different post planned, but you'll get that later this month), but after loading the pictures onto the computer, I just had to post about the window light. Do you see how it hits her eyes? So pretty!

1 comment:

Kelli said...

She's a doll, Joanna!

And nice watermark! Awesome font.