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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Random Updates


There are two items of importance pertaining to past and future clients.

First, as those who have ordered from me are aware, I have had a one year archival policy. This has CHANGED. I will currently archive only ordered images for one year. All unordered images will be deleted after 90 days of order due date. Because this has changed I am allowing clients that have had sessions in the year of 2007 to order any archived images for 50% off my current pricing, and I will waive the archival fee. Minimum order of $50 required (after discount taken). This discount is available for only 30 days, at which point in time I will delete images.

Second, do you remember when I told you that I have some exciting news for clients?? Well, after debating about this inside of my head for much too long, I have decided to offer digital negatives to clients. For an updated pricing list that includes digital images, please contact me. I hope to get my website up soon, and it will be on there too. I have been super busy with sessions and remodeling a house, so please be patient while I work out the rest of my website kinks!

I realized I haven't given any of my looksee-ers any music reccomendations lately, and for that I am SOO sorry. I have three for you!
1-Robert Plant (yes that Robert Plant) and Allison Kraus came together on Raising Sand . I recommended it from the JCPenney commercial, but I bought the album and it is soooooo fabulous, I can't even begin to explain. Go get it. I really don't think you could be dissapointed.
2-So I think my sister got sick of me calling her and saying, "Who sings that song that goes like this: ........." or "Who sings that song that the girl just danced to on So You Think You Can Dance?" and after I realized it was always the same artist, I decided I should buckle and buy the album and stop bugging my sister. The artist? One Republic. The album is stuck in my head day and night and I can't stop loving everything about it. I can't find ONE thing I don't like about it. Tyrant is my favorite song, but heavens, they are all good. Go get it!
3- I follow this fabulous photographer, Tara Whitney, and she blogged this one day. Well, wouldn't you know that I did exactly what she described she did when she watched Elf?? Hee heee heee. Super beautiful voice. I highly recommend.

Okay, last but not least. I have lost 12 inches of hair. Check me out!


Hilllary Howland Photography said...

Love the hair! Smoking hott! So jealous it like 110 degress here I want my hair gone.

Joanna Taylor said...

Thanks! Yeah, I was dying with my long hair when it hit 80--your hair is way long and thick, I can imagine you are NOT loving life:)

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love it!! 12 inches is a lot--how're you liking it? :) Love the new proofs from your sessions--you do such great work!

Ed said...

Just wanted to say 'HI'. You look great. Very happy for you. You have a wonderful family. Bye...