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Monday, June 16, 2008

Kristine and Jeremy Engagements

I had a great time meeting up with Kristine and Jeremy for their engagements on Saturday. They were such a great couple, and soooo good-looking. Both of them had the most amazingly reflective eyes, and I just adored Kristine's big grins and Jeremy's smiling eyes. You could just see they loved each other when they looked into each other's eyes--they just beamed at one another. Could I really have asked for more than that? And even though Jeremy doesn't enjoy having his picture taken, he was an absolute sport about it and did everything I asked him to-including lying down in a pile of weeds. And check out the results!


Hilllary Howland Photography said...

OHHH I really like all the different poses you did with her to show off her ring! Especially the first and last. Great job. Like the pile of weeds to!

Joanna Taylor said...

Thanks Hillary:) The weeds were so pretty---I couldn't help myself. I'm sure people think I'm out of my mind;)

Kelli said...

Aren't all photographers a little bit crazy?? Anything for the shot, right??

There is a certain what I like to call a "lack of feet shots"...I'll be bringing that up to the board.

Joanna Taylor said...

darn. i knew I was forgetting something! :)