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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

1 boy + 1 boy = double trouble

I got to photograph these two busy fellas on Saturday and had a great time. But neither of them were really interested in having pictures taken...they were definately not interested in talking to me, or the fact that I was someone new--nope, they had minds of their own and wanted to explore and see what THEY wanted to! It's just that age of curiosity--they are 21 months apart just like my two little ones and I remember it well:)
Now, mom dressed them in the CUTEST outfits for their session, and the colors were so perfect (light blues, yellows and whites), but when I started converting them to BW I couldn't stop myself---they looked AMAZING in BW, and I was just drooling over how beautiful they were in both. I decided to share mostly BW with you.

Now, if only I looked like this guy: He had a lot of attention from the boys---go figure ;)


Kelli said...

I agree, you'd get A LOT more attention if you looked like that guy...Especially with a camera around your neck =)

PS: Cute boys, cute pictures!

Joanna Taylor said...

LOL, kelli.