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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Windy and me, yeah, we go wayyy back. :) I've known her since we were in 4th grade. I've always adored her. She's brilliant, really brilliant, and so likable too. I remember when she used to write these stories and she'd give them to me to read...I thought they were fantastic; her imagination is ridiculous (the good ridiculous!). She got the writing bug again a few months ago and just finished her first book. All that, and she still works and has a family. Amazing!
Peyton, give the baby a kiss......I think she decided she'd rather eat her mom's belly:)

And Joanna Taylor Photography is booking only a few more sessions in June, and then into July, so if you want a session, schedule now!!


jen said...

very cool stuff!! i really like the ones with th black background... very cool!

Photography By Shay said...

Oh that 5th one is nice!

Joanna Taylor said...

Thank you girls!