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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Playin' around

Today I went over to a friend's house that is learning about photography and we were working on focus with her camera...we took some pictures of each other and, boy, was it scary seeing our faces so up close on her computer screen. I mean, I'm 28 and I already am getting lines around my eyes, my mouth, my eyebrows. I thought this wasn't supposed to happen until I was older, much older, I still feel so young sometimes. I know, I know, everyone goes through this as they age, right? Still...I came home and decided I wanted to try and take some "better" photos of myself in some flattering light. Oh...and I was playing around with my post-processing...tinted one of these for fun.


Heather said...

woot woo!!! :) You hot mama!!!

Cami said...

My sister is so BEAUTIFUL!!!! :)

Amanda Bishop said...

You are beautiful...I am older, and have even more wrinkles. Hope things are going good for you!

Michael said...

Just stumbled on your blog. Don't worry about the wrinkles. Enjoy your beauty.

Here's a quote on beauty by Kahlil Gibran that I have always loved: "...Real beauty is a ray which emanates from the holy of holies of the spirit, and illuminates the body, as life comes from the depths of the earth and gives color and scent to a flower. Real beauty lies in the spiritual accord that is called love which can exist between a man and a woman."

All the best,