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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

BW Fun

So while my kitchen is being refinished, my kids and I have been locked up in the basement. It's been so snowy outside that we haven't been able to go out a lot (I still get worried about Sophie spending too much time out in the cold), so we've had to find our own stuff to do downstairs. Today I got out the camera and we had some fun playing around. Davis has found this interest in me taking pictures of not only him, but things he finds interesting: toys, crackers, his fingers, etc. I've gotten such a kick out of him lately. Sophie has no idea what I'm doing, but will scream to see my pictures on my LCD screen over and over again. It's quite the feat being stuck down here with these two:) So, since Davis actually took a nap today and Sophie is being relatively self-sufficient playing with the Knex on the floor next to me, I decided to have processing these in black and white. I just love them.

Sorry if you're getting an overload of US. I am looking forward to booking some spring sessions soon. On that note, I'm going to be having some great promotions for my first sessions of spring, so STAY TUNED!!!

And, of course, since I love music, I have to promote what I've been listening to today. Check out Annie Brooks here. How is it possibly fair to be this talented??? I wish I was a musician. I pretend sometimes, but I know it's in my imaginary happy place.

I love her kissy face here. How can anyone be so cute?

To me, this one is such a Sophie....her hair in her eyes and cuddling with mom.


dani said...

As always beautiful pictures. Isn't B&W fun!

Cami said...

Oh my gosh Jo, you look absolutely gorgeous in that last one and in the 4th one down! I love ya my pretty, pretty sister!!

Melanie Reyes said...

awww looks like you're making the best of it! and the fourth one down HOLY WOW!!!! gorgeous!

Momma x5 said...

You guys are gorgeous!

nic said...

I must agree with the fourth one down. You look absolutely amazing. Man, Jason sure is lucky man.