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Monday, January 14, 2008


I was playing around with my camera today and the series I got of my baby just blew me away...not because they're particularly amazing, but because I'm amazed at how big she is getting. It breaks my heart, and yet it's the most joyful thing to watch my kids grow bigger and older and more capable of life.

I also realized that it was a year ago that I got my first DSLR and started really learning how to take better pictures by choosing my own settings and not just playing with angles, was last January. Lol. Time just flies. And now another camera to learn'll be seeing lots more of my kids while I practice (until things get a little busier anyway:).

And I'm listening to this today: Ingrid Michaelson It's beautiful might have heard her on an Old Navy commercial or on Grey's Anatomy.

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Cami said...

Awww... When did she turn into a little kid from a baby? She is big! And that picture is just adorable!