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Friday, July 23, 2010

On the 7th Day of Christmas...

Last night was possibly the worst night of "sleep" ever. It started with the waking up of my one year old. My husband brought him to bed. He (the one year old) thought that was funny. He stayed awake. So did we. Just as I was finally drifting to sleep I randomly got a bloody nose. I had to get out of bed to take care of it, which woke the baby back up. He cried. My head pounded. He tossed and turned and finally my husband took him back to his bed. Just as I was drifting to sleep, my four year old came into my room. "I can't sleep, Mommy!" So I got out of bed, put her back to bed with a drink of water, and tried once again to drift off (which is hard for me). Just as I was, another noise woke us up. I think we finally fell asleep for about an hour, and then the baby woke up again. My husband put him back in bed with us, where he rolled around and whined. So I'm up, but not feeling particularly fabulous today. So today's giveaway needs to make my heart feel better.

Today's giveaway is giving back. $15 from each session booked today will go to a charity of your choice. If you don't have a choice, I have many options I can already think of.

Yesterday proved to be an interesting exercise. I also had several last minute requests, so for those waiting on a response, I will be in touch today. As a reminder, you are required to pay the total the day of your booking in order to get the giveaway, and to get a spot on my calendar. If you are interested in receiving 10% off your session price, possibly qualifying for stocking stuffers, being entered into a drawing for $150 gift certificate from me, email at joannataylorphotography at gmail dot com to check availability!

And I'll leave you with some more heartshop pictures. :) Loved these.

And I can't decide if I like the following one better in color or black and white, so you get both!

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Mandi said...

Oh those are so beautiful!

We had a night like yours (barfing). Soo feel your pain.