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Monday, September 28, 2009

Anna Bridals | Utah Bridal Photographer

Not only was Anna a beautiful bride, but she was totally willing to go with the flow. We started out at the Grand America, but quickly got kicked out (apparently now they charge a fee--I promise we asked first--just not the right person, I guess)! So, we had to figure out where else to do her bridals, and fast. We ended up doing a few at Little America and then heading to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Anna was upbeat the entire time, and such a natural.
Thanks to Kelli for asking me to come along (and letting me take over! ;)

Wedding pictures to come soon!

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Erin said...

These turned out gorgeous!. She is a beautiful girl and I love, love her dress.

Danielle Neil said...

Wow - these are amazing! She is so pretty and how wonderful is her dress!! You did great on these!

Lisa said...

Stunning images! I love the lighting, the dress and such a beautiful bride! Nice work!!

CC Photography by Betty Gray said...

Awesome! This bride is very beautiful! I love her dress. Not your usual type of dress. So great to see something different. Love these memories you've created for her.

amy adams said...

Wow, I love these images and how you played with the light...amazing!

Ganell Kopp said...

Your lighting and posing are amazing on these! Absolutely stunning images!