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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We finally met

...and I had camera problems! Seriously, this family had to reschedule their session I don't know how many times, and then when they were good and ready I went and got sick on them. Then we FINALLY had their session and I bring the camera home to load the pictures and for some reason my camera wasn't focusing. Oh! I was ready to pull my hair out. "K" was so good about it and we are going to reschedule another fun fall session, which I can't wait to do. They were so nice, and it was so fun chatting with them and their boys are such great, energetic, beautiful (handsome;) boys! I will be so happy to get this problem fixed. But, since I've been a slacker on the blog this week, I thought I'd go ahead and share a couple of the pics we DID get!


Haylee said...

cute....I really like the second one

Jennifer said...

I really like that second family shot, beautiful family!