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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Another Family

My sweet neighbors asked me to do their family photos and some more of their daughter for her upcoming birthday. It was great, and I couldn't believe how amazing their daughter was at posing for me:) ...And so photogenic too. Every time I opened and processed a picture of her I kept saying outloud, "She's just so cute!!!" Her little brother "J" was not quite as happy with me for taking pictures ;P

and I've decided I love these feet ones because the toddler NEVER want to do them and I get some of the funnest shots of the parents trying to get them to come over...but really, they just want to do their own thing:)


Jennifer said...

These are beautiful, I really like that they where all wearing red. Nice family shot!

Cami said...

How cute! I'm so excited for you to take our pix next week! Wahoo! :)