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Thursday, June 21, 2007

One pretty little girl

This cute little lady just turned one. It was so fun to see how she compares to my own little girl who is turning one just next week! "E" is already walking (mine is not:), and she was so so so curious about what was going on (yep, as soon as she saw that darn kitty cat wandering around, she wanted NOTHING to do with me:).
But it was a nice session just letting her do her own thing, and snapping a few here and there--not a lot of eye contact, but I think they are so cute at this age anyway. (I love their posture at this age-and boy, would I love to have some of that!). Today I wanted to share her cute smile in the first, but then I also wanted to share a few that spoke to me a little more artistically, and where I played with the angle in a different way than I normally do. Enjoy!


Cami said...

That little girl is so cute! & You took some great pictures of her! I love the one of her feet on the brick/stone, her little toes look so cute! Great job capturing her!

Melissa said...

Hey where were these taken? I'm looking for some cool grown like that for Alissa's invites!

CUTE pictures!

Haylee said...

I saw you taking these pictures.....Gardner Village right? I was with the crazy twin boys! If I had known who you were I would have said hi. These turned out fantastic. Great job.

Jennifer said...

These are great, I really like all three of the black and white shots, great captures!

Joanna Taylor said...

Thanks you guys! Melissa these were over at Gardner Village.

Haylee--that's so funny! I must have been in my own world because I didn't notice anyone else:)