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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Another Family

I got to meet this sweet family the other day for a session--poor dad is surrounded by girls! Two girls of his own, and another on the way. Mom looked wonderful for being so close to delivery, now why don't I look that good when I only have a few weeks left? ;) This was also my first opportunity to shoot a family with a dog, but they'd trained her pretty well--which was a good thing since the little one wanted nothing to do with being restrained. She was a free spirited girl! I had a great time! Bear with me, I have a lot to show!
I just love her shadow in this one!

And this pretty much sums up how she felt about sitting down for family pictures :P

But I caught a couple of her anyway!


Jennifer said...

These are all great, you captured this families personalities very well, great job!

Cami said...

Way cute! I really like the one of the little girl's bum to the camera! Keep up the good work Jo!

Joanna Taylor said...

Thanks you guys! Yep, little "A" wanted nothing to do with the camera, so I thought the bum shot was fitting :)