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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cinderella | Utah Child Photographer

I've said it time and time again, but I really do have the most amazing clients. I've been so privileged to get to know so many different people and feel blessed that some have become my friends. I treasure getting to peek into their lives so that I can capture who they are and what they love.

When I first photographed this client a couple of years ago, I was so surprised to learn that she has her own business doing princess parties! Are you kidding me? Is that not the coolest thing? Ever? I was so sad that my little girl was only a baby then! But we've stayed in touch and I had the opportunity to do some head shots for her as Snow White. Since then she added Cinderella to her resume, and I just knew this was the perfect year to have her do my daughter's birthday party. Cinderella was so fabulous. She ran the entire event, from sending out invitations, to bringing the cake and lunch! She sang songs, read stories, gave manners lessons and even did a craft and balloon tying with the girls. She was the *perfect* princess the entire time, and I think that the parents enjoyed the party as much as the girls did!

Make sure to check out her website here! Tell her I sent you! And if any of you order the horse and carriage, invite me to the party too. Pretty please!?!


Kelli Bramble said...

I loved her, she was so fabulous!

Mindurs said...

What an awesome birthday party mom!

JoLynn Jones said...

How fun! I am so sad we missed it.