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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Miles 10 months

How lucky am I? This was the first newborn I photographed and I've been lucky to photograph all of his milestone ages...we missed 9 months (I was moving), so we did a mini 10-month session instead. I love window's so gorgeous.

And, if any of these look weird, please let me know--Jason bumped my monitor settings. Thanks!


Alexa said...

Oh, he is so, so cute! You're awesome at what you do, Joanna! :)

Jennifer said...

these are really great, he is so cute, love the last two shots!

Momma x5 said...

VERY cute---edibly so :D

Cami said...

Thanks Jo! I LOVE every single one of these!!! And I said on your "sisters" post that you were a lucky aunt. But I'm saying it again because of Miles this time. Hehe, JK!