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Friday, November 2, 2007

Playin' Around

I'm rejoicing! I was playing around with my kit lens and not only did my 3 year old LET me take pictures of him, he ASKED me to. Yea!! Maybe he'll let me go out and do some "real" ones sometime (yeah, I won't get my hopes up).

And here's me with a furrowed brow. he he he.

And another just for fun.


Jennifer said...

I like these, really like the angles and details in these. Very sharp and clear!

Cami said...

Davis is so darned cute! And you look pretty in your pictures. Your eyes do look really cool!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Who needs 'real' photos for their kids when they have YOU?!! Enlarge, frame = done! That pic of Davis smiling is perfect!